Premium Assignment Corporation

DT Insurance Agency has proudly partnered with Premium Assignment Corporation (PAC) to provide insureds with additional financing options for their MedPro policy premium.

Advantages of using a premium finance company like PAC.
PAC provides an alternative line of credit for your policy premium with lower down payments and monthly installment options that are not offered directly through MedPro Group. Payment plans are flexible, allowing for periodic payment of insurance, with rates that are generally fixed for the entire term of the loan.

Arranging premium financing.
Your DT Insurance Agency representative can arrange your financing directly with PAC and will provide you with a PAC loan application upon request.

Your payment schedule.
The 10% down payment specified on your PAC loan application must be remitted directly to the carrier. The financed premium is broken into 10 monthly installments, and PAC will invoice you directly for all 10 installments.

Delinquency in payment.
PAC provides a 20-day grace period for all past due installments with an assessed late fee. If payment is still not received, PAC will send a cancellation notice to your insurance carrier. The returned or unearned premium on your policy will be sent to PAC and applied to your loan. You will be billed for any outstanding balance afterwards. Should you have a credit balance remaining, you will receive a refund from PAC.

No penalty for paying off your loan early.
Your loan can be paid off in-full, at any time, without paying a penalty.

For more information, visit PAC at