DT Insurance Agency is proud to work exclusively with MedPro Group, who provide you and your practice with comprehensive malpractice insurance coverage. MedPro Group has been the “gold standard” in protecting and defending the assets and reputations of podiatrists since 1899. Through MedPro Group, DT Insurance Agency can offer:

Coverage Highlights:

  • Highly competitive premiums
  • Occurrence, Claims-made, Stand-alone Tail, and products that allow you to convert from Claims-made to Occurrence
  • Pure consent to settle provision which gives you control to defend or settle claims, where state law allows
  • $100,000 Cyber Liability coverage*
  • Favorable tail vesting provisions


  • Early and aggressive defense
  • Claims staff averages more than 25 years of experience
  • Local defense counsel – top local defense attorneys
  • Winning defense record nationwide: 90% trial win rate; 80% claims closed without payment
  • Joint decision-making, with a consent to settle provision in the doctor’s favor

Financial Strength & Stability

  • A Berkshire Hathaway company
  • Industry-leading financial strength rating: A++ (A.M. Best)
  • Billions in MedPro assets to handle claims
  • Proven track record with more than a century of experience – three times longer than the nearest competitor

Customizable Practice Options

  • Coverage for podiatrists and entities
  • Student and extern coverage available
  • Vicarious liability coverage for additional insureds
  • Separate limit corporation coverage
  • Shared limit corporation coverage at no additional charge (where available)
  • Separate surgical and non-surgical classification (including diagnostic and therapeutic injections, surgical procedures involving toenails, excision of skin lesions, incision and drainage of abscesses, and the treatment of ulcers)

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*Cyber Liability and Data Breach Coverage availability is based upon business and regulatory approval.

Additional Coverage Due to a Claim:

    • Loss of Earnings Coverage – If you take time off work due to attorney meetings, depositions, or court dates for a claim, aggregate policy limits cover up to $35,000 of losses.
    • Deposition Coverage – If you are required to provide a deposition in a claim in which you are not named, aggregated policy limits up to $10,000 of expenses.
    • HIPAA Proceedings Coverage – If a patient alleges a HIPAA violation, aggregate policy limits cover up to $25,000 of expenses.
    • Administrative Hearing Coverage – If a board action is filed against you and you need defense, aggregate policy limits cover up to $100,000 of expenses.
    • Meaningful Use Audit – If you are required to undergo a meaningful use audit, aggregate policy limits cover up to $100,000 of expenses.
  • Third Party Payor Coverage – If a third party (e.g., a healthcare insurance company) were to file a claim against you, aggregate policy limits cover up to $100,000 of expenses.